Europe Trip 2015 – Day 8 – Copenhagen, Denmark

April 5, 2015

Copenhagen is a big city, there’s no denying that. While my time in Denmark was short, I managed to explore a decent chunk of the older part of town on foot. At the end of day 8, I was scheduled to board an overnight bus to Berlin. That gave me one last day in the city, and one last chance to see as many things as possible.

DSC09252 (Large)

The dome of one of the large churches in town, contrasted against modern art on the waterfront.

DSC09308 (Large)

The famous Little Mermaid statue, usually surrounded by a flock of tourists.

DSC09324 (Large)

DSC09915 (Large)

DSC00015 (Large)

Large church near an old military base, which is open to explore.

DSC09354 (Large)

A soldier walking along the embankment.

DSC09440 (Large)

DSC00179 (Large)

DSC00360 (Large)

A bike on the grounds of one of the royal palaces.

DSC00435 (Large)

DSC00445 (Large)

DSC00495 (Large)

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