Europe Trip 2015 – Day 6 – Lund, Sweden to Copenhagen, Denmark

April 3, 2015

My last day in Lund was mostly spent exploring the city. I had my first kebab wrap (which was fantastic, I’m officially in love with kebab), had my first ice cream in Europe (also amazing), and made the most of my last day in Sweden.


These tiny blue wildflowers are all over the place, and apparantly appear right at the start of spring.


Inside the Lund cathedral, with the interior lights turned off in honor of the Easter holiday.


Underneath the Lund cathedral. The site dates back to the 1080s, and this may have been the oldest structure I’ve stood in thus far.


A random bike in the city center, decorated with springtime colors and objects.


More wildflowers in bloom, seemingly in the most random patches of grass.


View out of the train across the bridge from Sweden to Denmark.

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