Europe Trip 2015 – Day 3 – Oslo, Norway to Göteborg, Sweden

March 31, 2015


Day three was my first full day in Europe, and it was packed to the brim with an itinerary which gave me only a few hours to see Oslo, Norway before heading south to Göteborg, Sweden. I woke up around 6:30am, left the hostel by 6:45am, grabbed a quick breakfast, then began wandering.


Looking north-west from the central train station, you’ll see the start of Karl Johans gate, the main street in Oslo that connects the train station to the Royal Palace to the north-west. It’s a large pedestrian avenue with shops and vendors for part of its route, and national buildings on the other end towards the palace. If you keep following the street, you’ll end up at the steps to the Royal Palace, from which you have a great view down into the city.


At this point, I headed back towards the water, and found myself in a small area with ferry landings, sculptures, and the Nobel Peace Center. I didn’t have time to check out the museum, since it was so early in the morning and I had to catch a bus at the central station at 11am. But I had a nice stroll along the water, and got to look across towards some of the islands in Oslo’s harbor.


At this point, I cut back towards the train station, aiming to explore the roof of the Oslo Opera House. The Opera House features a granite roof that’s sloped up in geometrical ramps from ground-level, letting the public walk to the top to get a great view of both the city center and the fjord.


The weather was hovering around freezing the entire morning, but it wasn’t bad in the least bit. With virtually no wind and plenty of sun, it ended up being a perfect morning to walk around and see some of the sites before I headed off towards Sweden.


Most buses leave from a bus terminal that’s adjacent to the main train station, accessible via a pedestrian walkway. The entire idea of a bus terminal with platforms, arrival/departure boards, and shops/restaurants was new to me. But it’s such a breeze to navigate, and it’s not a bad way to travel. Since I purchased my ticket in advance, the total cost was only about $10 for the bus from Oslo to Göteborg, nearly 300km south.


My main reason for being in Göteborg was to see Kristina Från Duvemåla, a Swedish musical that I fell in love with years ago. I never thought I’d get a chance to see it, since it hadn’t played for years after its original run in the late 90’s/early 2000’s, and its chances of being produced in the States was slim. But once I found out it would be playing in Göteborg, I knew I had to see it. So after arriving in the city and checking into my hostel, I met up with my friend Jessica (who lives just a couple hours south of Göteborg), bought a big bag of Swedish candy (why not?), and headed towards the Göteborg Opera to see a show that exceeded my wildest expectations.


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